What this service is: I do the work of editing notation and layout, extracting parts, and generally crafting your score into publishing-worthy form. You and I will have a lot of communication to make sure you're delighted by every detail.

Policies for engraving work

What do you charge?
$20 per hour.
Real-time conversations concerning the project apply, but initial discussion does not.
Do you require a down payment?
Yes: $150 (7.5 hours of work).
When is payment due?
Within a week of invoice. We'll negotiate when this will happen based on your project and needs.
Some common billing arrangements are:
  • At certain milestones within the project (e.g. completion of each movement, then final edits).
  • At intervals of a certain dollar amount.
  • Monthly (usually on the 15th of each month).
Your balance is payable by check, cash, or by credit card (via PayPal) within a week of invoice.
There is a small fee for the PayPal option.

Other information

I use the current version of Finale. If you need the file in the format of a different notation program I won't be able to do the engraving for you (the formats convert horribly) but you may find my Proofreading/Consultation services valuable.

I will periodically upload PDFs of your project to your online Google Drive or Dropbox folder or send them by email.

Once the project is completed and I've received your final payment, I will upload or email the Finale files.

If you suggest a deadline or a desired time frame for your project I will do my best to meet it, but check in with me first.

If your project is for a thesis, competition, application, or other context in which the engraving is assumed and required to be your own, I can't do the engraving work for you as that would be unethical. However, I can still be of help to you with my Proofreading/Consultation service.

You are welcome to email, call, or set up a Skype conversation with me to talk about your project.