About Noah

Noah Brenner plays viola outdoors wearing a suit and a fedoraphoto by Amanda Runion Noah Brenner playfully attempts to write music on a computer using a quill.photo by Amanda Runion Noah Brenner sits and looks thoughtfully at his harp from the other end of a couch.photo by Wispra Smith

I love the many hats I wear: performer, teacher, arranger, composer, tango dancer, punster, and of course, music engraver; Each one informs and improves the others (yes really, all of them!).

In 2004 I moved to Eugene where I earned my BM in harp performance at the University of Oregon. While I was there I also got to study composition and voice with some wonderful instructors and began (more) actively participating in the new music community.

Which led me to engraving...

Because of my experience as both a composer and performer of new music, I find I can translate between these two "languages" rather well. The opportunity to benefit both performers and composers simultaneously through my engraving work is immensely rewarding.

Beyond the broad baseline understanding necessary for any composer or engraver, I have particular experience and insight regarding:

If you're curious about the other things I do, check out the More Noah! page.

Well, if you're still here I might as well fill you in on a little plot of mine:

Once I find the time and resources (possibly with some help from you through Kickstarter!) I plan to create a comprehensive guide to composing for lever harp. This will include diagrams, pictures, videos, and audio samples; it will range from the fundamentals of the instrument to unusual techniques and effects; it will include examples of particularly effective harp writing and recommend standard notation practices. And it will all be free!

Rest assured, I'll make no secret of it when the project starts moving.