What this service is: During a real-time conversation, I give you my input, explanations, answers, and advice to help you polish your own engraving work.

So, why does such a degree of polishing matter for my application/thesis/etc.?

Well, primarily because it enables better (and thus more) performances of your work.
But here's another reason:

You don't want to hurt your chances of acceptance with a sloppy score.

Consider the time and money you've already invested in each piece and each application. It would be a shame to be turned down simply due to lazy engraving of some wonderful music.

The point of this service is that I won't be doing any of the actual engraving; that will be done by you. I will, however, clearly communicate the concepts behind revisions so that when the work is completed it is an accurate demonstration of your own engraving skill.

Here's how this works:

The basics:

Send me your work in PDF format. If you're on a PC and don't currently have the ability to export PDFs, check out PrimoPDF. It's free and functions as if it were a printer. I've occasionally had issues with Finale's built-in PDF exporter offsetting slurs and articulations vertically, but I've never had that problem using PrimoPDF.

The timeline:

If you're paying in two installments:

If we happen to only use an hour of our time (which is unusual) you'll get a credit which you may redeem for:
  1. A free one-hour follow-up on the same piece.
  2. A $40 discount on your next Proofreading/Consultation meeting with me. This will apply as the last $40, meaning you'll pay $35 at the beginning.
  3. You may transfer that $40 discount to someone else.

Only one of these benefits may be redeemed by a given person at a given time (they don't stack).

The "Fine Print"

When there's a wrench in the works...
If you don't pay the deposit on time
I may schedule things over it; You've only reserved the time once you pay the deposit (I'll let you know if your time is canceled in this way, but you won't be compensated except for rescheduling).
  • If you pay the deposit less than 24 hours before our appointment I reserve the right to reschedule it.
  • If you have not payed the deposit by the time of our appointment it will be cancelled.
If you don't send me your music at least 2 or 3 days before our appointment
I may not have time to look them over thoroughly and you won't get as much out of our time.
If you don't send me your music or send it late and I can't open the file.
We'll have to take time out of our meeting to amend the situation. You'll miss out on time and on my preparation.
If you are late to an appointment
Our time will not be extended to compensate, it will end at the original agreed-upon time.
If you miss your appointment
It will not be rescheduled and you will not be refunded. Depending on the circumstances, I may offer you a partial credit at my discretion.
If you need to reschedule
Let me know at least 24 hours in advance. If less than 24 hours, it will be treated as a missed appointment (but you'll much more likely to receive a credit than if you don't tell me at all).
If I need to reschedule
I will let you know at least 24 hours in advance. If less than 24 hours, you'll receive either a discount on the rescheduled appointment or a credit toward a future appointment.
(This does not apply if you have not paid your deposit at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time)
If I miss an appointment
You can choose to:
  1. Reschedule the appointment (for the same project) and receive a full refund.
  2. Cancel the appointment and receive a full refund.
(This does not apply if you have not paid your deposit at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time)
If there are technical difficulties (connection problems, spotty reception)
We'll either extend the time to compensate or reschedule.